If Your Soil Is Alive, Your Plants Will Thrive!

If you want to ensure that your garden will grow – whether that’s your landscape, flower or vegetable beds – it all comes down to the soil.

It’s really as simple as that!

The better the soil, the better the garden.

So just how do you go about enriching the soil so that your garden will grow?

Here are our best tips for top-quality soil:

  • Don’t use chemical-laden products. You have a lot to choose from out there, so choose wisely. Remember that whatever you put in your soil will end up in your plants and vegetables!
  • Choose a product, like Sweet Peet, that is all natural. There are not any harmful chemicals in Sweet Peet, so you can rest assured that it’s safe to get your hands dirty and your plants will be healthy, too.
  • Go organic. Don’t want to spread toxic chemicals all over your shrubs, trees, flower beds and other landscaping? Then Sweet Peet is the product for you!
  • Apply mulch. We just happen to know of a great one – Sweet Peet! Organic mulch helps nurture plants all year long. In the summer, it will assist in your soil’s moisture as well as weed suppression. In the winter, mulch protects young bulbs and perennials, keeping the roots shielded from the harsh elements. All along, Sweet Peet is improving the quality and texture of the soil, allowing water and air to get to the root zone of plants.

With a versatile, quality mulch that provides top value, you can liberally use Sweet Peet on your entire property. Dress up your landscape by top dressing existing and newly seeded lawns, and fortifying flower and vegetable gardens.

Our product is safe for the environment, your pets and your family. You won’t have to worry about the use of chemicals or artificial dyes. Its rich nutrients immediately go to work, improving the texture of the soil, its quality, and its overall health.

There’s no better way to get your garden to grow! Need help enriching your soil? Ask your local garden guru for advice!