A gleaming green lawn is not just pleasing to the eye. It adds curb appeal and value to your home, too.

If this is the first time you’re growing grass on your property, follow these steps to get off to a great start:

  1. Prepare the soil. Encourage maximized grass seed germination by preparing the seed bed. Loosen the soil through raking or tilling. You want to get just enough soil loose in order for the seeds to become lodged into the ground. Work the soil about an inch deep so that the seeds will make contact with the soil and establish root growth. Add a half-inch layer of Sweet Peet in the bare spots, or over the entire surface to be seeded.
  2. Seed. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for seeding rates. Spreading too many seeds creates competition and will lower germination rates. Once you’ve seeded the soil, gently rake the soil.
  3. Top Dress. One of the best ways to promote optimal growth is to top it off with a quarter-inch layer of Sweet Peet. This helps lock in moisture – a critical component to your grass’ growth potential. Spread enough to cover the area, but make sure you can clearly see the seed bed. This way, the seeds will receive enough sunlight to grow, while balancing the need for moisture, too. When you use Sweet Peet, you’ll help to retain the moisture that the seeds need to “pop.” Also, it’ll prevent the wind and birds from disturbing the seed.
  4. Water. A constantly moist soil is necessary for germination. Water the lawn often, instead of soaking the seed bed generously. Continuing water until the seeds are established. Then, water the grass one to two times a week.
  5. Mow. Once the grass seedlings have grown to about 2 -3 inches, you can mow the lawn.

Follow these tips for proper grass seeding, or use them to spot seed your lawn. The best part about using organic mulch in the process is that the material will continue to nurture the soil and lawn throughout the season – and there’s no need to rake afterwards, like you have to with bothersome and unsightly straw.

Now get to work on creating a luscious lawn! Need more help? Ask your local garden guru for advice!