About Sweet Peet…

Sweet Peet is a 100% organic product made from composted ingredients harvested from local farming operations. Used as a mulch, its rich dark color and natural texture are the perfect visual enhancement in any landscape setting. With a high moisture retention value, it is excellent for perennial, ornamental and vegetable gardens and around the base of trees and shrubs.

As a superior soil conditioner, Sweet Peet is fortified with farm manure and reduces nitrogen borrowing when tilled-in around root zones of plantings. It adds tilth to the soil and aids in moisture retention.

Sweet Peet has a sweet, earthy smell. It differs from many mulches and soil amendments in that it contains no human waste and no construction or demolition debris (which can include ground up nails, glass, plastic, creosote and wood preservatives). Sweet Peet contains only virgin wood products, farm manure and plant fibers. Because of the high temperatures that occur during composting, weed seeds and harmful bacteria are killed off. Sweet Peet derives its color from naturally occurring tannins which are baked-in during composting; creating its rich color and texture that Sweet Peet is famous for.

Sweet Peet® is safe for children, pets, plants and all living things!

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