Become a Distributor

You probably have many questions so please take a moment and read through our information. Please e-mail us with questions if you are interested in providing your customers the highest quality and most versatile organic material on the market.

We have a wide array of marketing support materials to help grow your business. We take a close personal interest in our distribution partners so we will want to visit your store and meet your staff. We provide product training as well as a media library that has all sorts of artwork, images, articles and product information talking points. These resources will make it very easy for you to conduct employee product training or hold a seminar and be comfortable explaining the many ways to use our products. You also will have many files that help if you want to customize a newsletter or create an advertisement or even submit an article to a local newspaper or magazine to be published.

Our goal is to make it so easy for you to grow a whole new profit-center around SweetPeet®.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Urban Organics and Sweet Peet®. We look forward to hearing from and having you join us very soon.

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