School Fundraising

We support school fundraising efforts and are happy to see today’s youth getting involved. Economic sustainability is every bit as important as ecological sustainability. In order to attract the numbers of new farmers that will make an impact on the safety of growing large quantities of healthy food, flowers and herbs, we have to show young people how the process can make dollars and sense.

You can be assured that profit margins on Sweet Peet will average around 50% or more. An idea to create major “add on” profits is to offer a “product application” option. Students in the organization donate their time to install plants or spread Sweet Peet in the customer’s garden and the customer pays a labor fee to the group for the service. This program will build tight bonds with the customer so they will be inclined to purchase the garden products from the school group year after year. The Students get their finger nails a little dirty and they truly earn the funds they are raising. Product descriptions and final pricing will follow closer to program commitment date for spring and fall sales. Even harder to resist, students will have the backing of our custom web pages, explaining all the benefits of the organic products, application instructions and more. The information on these pages will not only provide sales tools for the student groups, it will provide valuable information about the importance of sustainable gardening with minimal use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.