Sweet Peet® in Flower Beds

Keep those colorful flowerbeds looking beautiful all season long. A little loving care, lots of sun, water, and Sweet Peet organic mulch to help release the nourishment they need to get your grounds looking spectacular.

Borders & Perennials

Sweet Peet mulch helps nourish plants and flowers keeping them healthy and beautiful all season.

Using Sweet Peet provides a highly desirable growing medium known as compost, but unlike other compost, Sweet Peet does not need to be stored or cured for 6-12 months before being used. We have already done that for you! This is a real benefit for maximizing land use.

Trees & Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are very important to maintaining your home’s value by beautifying your landscape. They provide a habitat for birds and wildlife and shade from the summer heat. Sweet Peet helps retain moisture, suppresses weeds and looks great around plantings.

Use Sweet Peet while planting new trees and shrubs. Mix it in with the soil that you use to fill the hole. This will give your new planting continual feeding of nutrients while it is beginning to take root.

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