Container Gardening: Your Solution to Harvesting Fresh Berries

Maybe it’s your dream to one day own a farm. Perhaps you like the idea of a huge berry orchard, but just don’t have the space or time to devote to it. Some soils aren’t conducive for growing berries.

No worries. You can grow berries in a container garden!

Berries generally need a specific pH in which to grow. Ideally, the soil’s acidic pH should be between 4.5 and 5.5 in order to reap a harvest. When planting berries in the ground, achieving the perfect pH can be a challenge.

But not in containers.

With container gardening, it’s fairly easy to maintain the proper pH balance. Here’s how:

    • Choose a variety that’s compact, so the roots won’t outgrow the container. BrazelBerries are a compact, sturdy variety that do well in containers.
    • Plant a self-pollinator. BrazelBerries are self-pollinating – so you won’t need to plant something nearby to help the berries grow.
    • Use soil that’s acidic – with frequent watering, the acid in the soil may wash out.
    • Start with a large container if you can. One that’s 16 inches in diameter is ideal. You may choose a smaller container, but you’ll need to transplant the berries later as they grow.
  • Position the containers in full sun.
  • Apply an organic fertilizer. Remember, you’ll be eating the berries, so you shouldn’t have to worry about chemicals. Apply the fertilizer in the spring – but don’t use manure. It can harm the plants. Try coffee grounds. They’re cheap and they’ll boost the soil’s acidity.
  • Mulch the plants. Sweet Peet mulch is a natural, organic product that’s safe to use, keeps moisture in the soil and promotes growth.

With your container garden in place and your BrazelBerries starting to grow, you can start dreaming about the harvest. In the mornings, you can pick a few berries to top off your cereal. In the afternoons, you can make berries your go-to snack. When entertaining, you can wow guests with your fresh right-off-the-vine berry harvest. The plants will also bring a little color to your landscaping over the entire season.

Short on garden space? Desperate for fresh, juicy berries? Try container gardening! For tips about gardening, contact your local garden guru for advice!