“A decade ago, when I first began to garden, Sweet Peet® found me. An experienced gardener gave me a sample in a little pail. She said, “Try this.” I scooped up a handful, felt its richness and texture, sniffed its earthy, organic aroma, responded to its deep brown color – and was permanently smitten. Quite simply, I have never used another product for my mulch. My Hudson River Valley garden has grown over the years to include flowering trees, conifers, perennials, bulbs, fruit and vegetables. Sweet Peet® feeds all my plants, suppresses weeds and dresses my garden to confirm that Nature is my partner. I buy it by the truckload every spring and feel secure when a great pile is always at the ready. Try Sweet Peet®, like I did. You and your garden will love it.”

Starr Ockenga
Author, Photographer & Gardener