Memorial Day Weekend Is the Perfect Time for Planting Your Garden

By the time this weekend rolls around, you’ll be itching to get your hands dirty (in your garden)! Memorial Day weekend is the busiest gardening weekend of the season. Gardeners everywhere will be buying, digging and planting away.

Make sure to go into this weekend with a plan. Once your garden is planted, you have the task of keeping the wildlife away from the little sprouts. I always find this to be a bittersweet situation. We have so much animal activity in our yard – deer, rabbits, chipmunks, groundhogs, and wild turkeys. I love seeing them romp around.  Until they begin feasting on my garden as if it’s an “all you can eat buffet!” Not cool!

Of course there are sprays and treatments that you can use to create a barrier around your gardens. The problem I always have is remembering to reapply after a heavy rain, and/or throughout the season. Another option is to plant your favorites in containers and position them where the critters can’t get to them, like on your deck.

I came across a wonderful website that helps you choose the perfect specimen for all your gardening situations, whether it’s planting in the sun or shade, beds or containers, annuals or perennials – attracting butterflies or deterring deer and rabbits.
So get planting! And remember to reference previous blogs for tips on how to use Sweet Peet as you begin planting your new lovelies!