Was your garden less than impressive last year? Don’t throw in the “green thumb towel” just yet. The root of the problem may have been your soil.

You see, the soil in your garden makes all the difference.

Use depleted, old soil devoid of nutrients, and your garden simply won’t grow.

But put the best stuff on earth – Sweet Peet organic mulch – on the ground, and you can proudly state that your green thumb is back!

The premium organic mulch for vegetable and flower gardens, Sweet Peet performs multiple duties behind the scenes:

  • It buffers alkaline and acid soils – which have low and high pH levels – so that the soil is ripe for growing.
  • It prevents weed contamination. As the product is composted, harmful bacteria and weed seeds are destroyed. Most weed seeds are airborne or transported by birds – some are destined to land in your mulch. Because of Sweet Peet’s high nutritional value, anything that lands in it will grow. The good thing is that those weeds are very easy to pull, because the roots don’t need to travel deep to get nutrition.
  • It enriches the soil. Let it rest, it will continue to feed your soil as it breaks down further. As a result, the soil will metamorphose into a humus (lucrative dark organic material found in rich soil), improve the cultivation of your soil, rally earthworm activity and replenish microbes that acid rain and harsh chemicals destroy.

Give your garden the leg up it needs to not just survive, but thrive this season. Use Sweet Peet mulch to optimize your soil and create the ideal, sustainable environment in which your vegetables and flowers can grow.

Want to know more about Sweet Peet mulch? Ask one of the gardening professionals at your local garden center.